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Local transport

Our fleet consists of 80 freight vehicles specialized in the distribution of goods both on and off the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. We have 32 vans of which 15 are refrigerators, 37 are solo vehicles of which 6 are tarpaulins and 12 are refrigerators. We also own 10 trailers of which 1 refrigerator, 5 tarpaulin and 4 with container transport platform.

We carry any transport from 1 to 10 tons, length up to 7 meters, width up to 2.4 meters and height up to 2.4 meters. With our lift platforms we can load pallets weighing up to 1 ton.

We provide crane loading, shipping and unloading service. We also provide forklift service up to 8 tonnes.

Our company also transports containers of up to 20 “, 40”, and 45 “fit containers, transport of frozen goods and maintenance goods. All vehicles are equipped with hand pallets.

We have 1300 square meters of warehouse space and 700 square meters of service space.

Our 90 staff are at your disposal to respond to your every request.

Our service is always fast, quality, precise and available anywhere and anytime.

Our fleet is tailored to suit every task, all your needs and in every situation.

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